Cataract Surgery

The eye is a like a camera with a clear lens, and when this lens becomes cloudy the focus will deter, and so will your vision. The cloudy natural lens is known as a cataract.

If everyday tasks become difficult to focus on, such as driving or reading, and vision is progressively distorted then we advise a consultation.

When the cataract is removed a new acrylic lens is inserted into it’s place. At the same time this procedure can correct long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism.

During the detailed consultations, after your eye examination and scans, we will advice you on the lens options which best suits your visual requirements.

On the date of your operation, you can expect:

  • A welcoming team to help you every step of the way.
  • A dedicated nurse will be looking after you.
  • You will have an option of general or local anesthesia or sedation with local anesthesia.
  • Before we start your surgery we will make sure you are most comfortable and assured
  • Mr. Nanavaty will remove the cataract and replace that with a acrylic lens.
  • You can expect clearer vision upon recovery. Colours will be clearer, more distinctive and will transform your vision.