Implantable contact lens

Implantable contact lenses for spectacle independence

Implantable contact lenses are artificial lenses, which are placed behind your pupil and in front of your natural clear lens to give you spectacle independence.

What is the difference between Laser RefractiveSurgery, Implantable contact lenses and Reflective Lens exchange?

Laser eye surgery remodels the shape of the front clear window (cornea) whereas a contact lens that can be inserted behind the pupil (between pupil and your natural lens) is called implantable contact lens while replacement of your natural lens with a plastic lens of your choice is called refractive lens exchange.

How do I know which surgery suits me best?

Everyone has different dimensions and measurements of the eyeball. You will need a detailed consultation and measurements of your eye by Mr. Nanavaty before the options, which are safe and suitable to your eye, can be discussed.